EDPY 559 Week 4

Topic: Conducting Interviews and Practice Interview

  • Merriam, S. B. (2009). Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation: Revised and Expanded from Qualitative Research and Case Study Applications in Education (3rd ed.). San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass. Chp. 5
  • Text: Rossman, G. B., & Rallis, S. F. (2012). Learning in the Field: An Introduction to Qualitative Research (Third Edition.). Sage Publications, Inc. Chp 7 (up to 192) & 9
  • Roulston, K. (2010). Considering quality in qualitative interviewing. Qualitative Research, 10(2), 199 -228. doi:10.1177/1468794109356739
  1. Assignment Reminder: Interview Protocol is due today
  2. Assignment Reminder: Initial Observation and Document Report is due next week
  3. IRB Compliance Course Information--try to complete by this date

Discussion Material
  1. Observation description examples
  2. Observation Activity from  Week 3 Activity B: Photographs as a data source
  3. Wrap up, questions, and comments
  4. Discussions on Paradigms, Ontology, Epistemology, and Conducting Interviews
  5. Yamagata-Lynch (2001) sample material on Blackboard
    • Yamagata-Lynch, L. C. (2001). Using activity theory for the sociocultural case analyses of a teacher professional development program involving technology integration. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
  6. Week 4 Activity A: Yamagata-Lynch (2001) Interview Protocol Dissection
  7. Week 4 Activity B: Practice Interview
  8. Interview protocol example from past student--three versions uploaded on Blackboard Documents in Box.com folder
  9. Individual/group work time for working on your interview protocol, download protocol template here
  10. Wrap up

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